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NUT Smart Passcase- Bluetooth Mini, Anti-loss Tracker Tag, Purse-detector and Key Finder. 2 Colors

$19.99 $29.99

Content:1 Nut passport package ; 1 nut mini;

Size: 130*240* 300 mm

Main Functions:

  • One-case Storage: Find your passport, bank cards, keys and notes quickly;
  • Perfect Organized: Perfect design and reasonable layout to get your stuffs organized;
  • Anti-loss & Anti- forget (with nut tracker built-in):
  1. Anti-loss passport package- Passport package is beyond the scope of security, phone and mobile phone make a sound reminders.
  2. Anti-loss Mobile phone- When mobile phone forgot to take my passport packages will sound to remind you.
  3. A key to find- When you can not find the passport package, the use of mobile phones on the "easy to find" APP a key call, easy to help you help.

Compatible System:

Android 4.3 and above which supports Bluetooth 4.0, iOS 8 and above.